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1Is a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in MA Right for Me?
When seeking help for substance abuse, you should ask yourself a few questions to determine if a Mass drug and alcohol rehab treatment center is right for you: – Have you ever felt you should reduce your drinking or drug use? – Have you ever been bothered by people criticizing your drinking or drug use? – Have you ever felt shame or guilt about your drinking or drug use? – Have you ever needed drugs or alcohol first thing in the morning to feel better? – Have you ever needed to take time off from work after a night of drinking or drug use? If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, then a drug and alcohol treatment center in MA, like Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center in Wakefield, is suitable for you.
Outpatient services for substance abuse incorporate many of the same services as inpatient rehab programs. If you are an individual in MA who is struggling with maintaining sobriety, then an outpatient drug and alcohol rehab can be an effective option. Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center in Wakefield, MA, provides the structure and supportive environment suited for those in early recovery.
If a loved one is struggling with addiction, it can be difficult for everyone around them. It would help if you encouraged them to seek help. One way is to gather resources and information for treatment options for your loved one. Our Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center team in MA is here to help. If your loved one is struggling with addiction, contact us today.
When your body becomes addicted to alcohol and you attempt to stop drinking, you may find yourself experiencing symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Some dangerous symptoms of alcohol withdrawal include: – Cold sweats – Hallucinations – High blood pressure – Irregular pulse – Seizures – Tremors Those attempting to stop drinking should do so under medical supervision at an inpatient drug and alcohol detoxification facility, as alcohol withdrawals can be fatal without access to professional care.
Opiate withdrawals occur when an individual becomes physically dependent on opiates. Blood pressure rises, and the individual will experience cold sweats, body aches, and insomnia. They may even vomit or experience diarrhea. The symptoms of opiate withdrawal are similar to a severe case of the flu. Many who experience opiate withdrawals feel so uncomfortable that they need to use opiates to feel better. For this reason, an inpatient stay at a drug and alcohol detox is recommended to get through the worst of the symptoms.
The signs of drug addiction can be physical signs as well as behavioral changes. Some physical signs are: – Constipation – Constricted or blown pupils – Depression – Needle marks – Reduced sense of pain – Runny nose or frequently sniffing – Slurred or rapid speech – Sudden weight loss Behavioral changes that could signify drug addiction include a sudden change in appearance, a lack of hygiene concerns, a loss of interest in things once found pleasurable, an inability to meet social obligations, and lying to friends and family. Most people struggling with addiction may also have financial issues, increasingly risky behavior, legal issues, and workplace troubles.
A day treatment program is one where an individual attends a partial hospitalization program (PHP), intensive outpatient program (IOP), or outpatient program (OP). The individual does not live at the treatment facility but resides at home or in a sober living community. A traditional day treatment program in MA consists of several hours a day of group and individual therapy. It is also common for a day programs to offer medication management and case management services.
An intensive outpatient program (IOP) typically consists of 15 hours of addiction treatment weekly. Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center’s IOP in MA is held from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on weekdays. The entire IOP lasts 12 to 15 weeks and includes group therapy, individual therapy, family counseling, medication management, and case management services.
Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center in Wakefield, MA, offers a top-rated addiction treatment program. The team at Aftermath brings a unique perspective through their personal experiences. Group and individual therapy helps clients transition from our partial hospitalization program (PHP) to our intensive outpatient program (IOP) as they return to everyday living.
Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center accepts most major insurance plans. The rehab cost for the individual will vary based on the insurance holder’s plan. There may be deductibles that are part of some plans.
Yes. Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center’s drug and alcohol rehab facility offer a wide range of therapeutic modalities, including: – Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) – Dialectic behavior therapy (DBT) – Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy – Family Counseling – Motivational interviewing (MI) Our substance abuse treatment program in Wakefield, MA, includes group and individual therapy.
Alcoholism is something that affects the entire family. An individual’s alcohol abuse can lead to arguing and fighting, causing relationship issues. Excessive drinking can also lead to problems at work and financial troubles at home. Alcohol abuse also increases the risk of legal issues. Family members may not know how to react around the alcoholic. Alcohol abuse in a home can lead to a toxic environment affecting every family member.
If you are seeking help and looking for an inpatient detox in MA, Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center can help. The Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center team in Wakefield, MA, can assist individuals in obtaining a bed at an inpatient drug and alcohol detox in MA.
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