Mission Statement

Our Aftermath Addiction Treatment Mission Makes Us Different

Aftermath Addiction Treatment LLC’s mission is to provide quality and ethical care for individuals with substance use disorders and mental illnesses. Aftermath encompasses love, education, experience, and direction to focus on the underlying causes of substance use disorders and mental illnesses.

Our program incorporates leading-edge techniques in our group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, case management, and psychopharmacology therapy. With each therapy, the goal is to enable our clients to live a happy, healthy, and whole life.

Our Vision sets us apart.

Aftermath: af·ter·math: noun: aftereffects of a significant unpleasant event.”

At Aftermath Addiction Treatment, we understand that coming from active addiction is an extremely unpleasant experience. We are here to be your light for when you make the decision to try to come out of the dark.

The Aftermath of active addiction offers a chance to be beautiful, and it’s our vision to steer you to your new life in recovery by not just removing the drug itself but also by addressing the underlying issues through our proven practices.

Aftermath will also help set up and continue FMLA/ Family Medical Leave Act as well as short term disability paperwork for our patients.

Our Values speak volumes.

At Aftermath Addiction Treatment, we value the following:

  • Life Honesty
  • Our clients
  • Our employees
  • Strength
  • Accountability
  • Our Community
  • The pursuit of improvement
  • Diversity

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