Alcohol Rehab

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Alcohol, a substance with centuries of history, is often enjoyed in social settings. But it’s important to drink it in moderation. Sometimes, people can quickly go from drinking now and then to needing it all the time, which can lead to addiction. This highlights the need for effective alcohol rehab services. 

In Wakefield, MA, our alcohol rehab programs are designed to address this challenge head-on. We offer hope and healing to those struggling with alcohol use disorder.

Our Alcoholism Rehab Programs in MA

At the heart of Massachusetts, our alcoholism rehab programs offer strong support and recovery options. We understand that everyone’s path to sobriety is different and needs a tailored approach.

Our programs are designed to meet the needs of people fighting alcoholism. We combine cutting-edge treatments with empathy, creating a place where healing and change can start.

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Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) offers a balanced approach to recovery. Patients can easily maintain their daily responsibilities while they get comprehensive care.  IOP is ideal for those who have completed a higher level of care. It’s also great for those who need a structured treatment environment without full-time commitment. The IOP focuses on blending recovery with everyday life. It emphasizes relapse prevention, coping strategies, and personal growth.

Outpatient Alcohol Treatment

Our Outpatient Alcohol Treatment program 
is flexible and accommodating. It is designed 
to adapt to the demands of personal 
and professional life. Patients can receive treatment without the need for 
a residential stay. 

This program focuses on ongoing support and therapy to help maintain sobriety for a long time. It provides the tools necessary to help navigate life’s challenges after rehab.

Day Treatment

The Day Treatment program, previously known as Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), is a deep and focused treatment. It’s for those who require more help than regular outpatient care but don’t need 24-hour supervision. It offers day-time therapy and support, working on the main causes of alcoholism, and lets clients go home at night.

What to Expect At Our Alcohol Rehab Center

When starting your journey to recovery at our Alcohol Rehab Center, expect a caring and complete approach to beating alcohol addiction. Our center prides itself on creating a supportive and respectful environment for everyone.

The treatment journey includes various therapies and support systems, such as:

  • Group Therapy: Share experiences and support each other in a group.
  • Individual Therapy: Get one-on-one counseling focused on your specific needs and goals.
  • Family Therapy: Include your family in your recovery to improve relationships and get 
more support.
  • Case Management: Get detailed help and organization of your treatment to meet all your needs.
  • Psychopharmacology Therapy: Use medicine to help with withdrawal and cravings, supervised 
by professionals.

Each aspect of the program is designed to equip you with the skills and resilience needed for 
a sustainable recovery.

Understanding Alcohol Addiction

Understanding alcohol addiction is the first step to treating it. Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) is when someone can’t control or stop drinking even though it harms their health, relationships, and daily life. Addiction usually starts slowly, growing from casual drinking to a strong need that takes over thoughts and actions. 

At Aftermath, we delve into the underlying causes of addiction and provide ways to break free from it. We focus on caring and understanding, recognizing that each person’s fight with alcohol addiction is different.

Recognizing the Signs of Alcoholism

It’s important to recognize the signs of alcoholism early to get help quickly. Common signs are needing more alcohol to feel its effects, feeling bad when not drinking, and wanting to drink even when it causes problems. Other signs include ignoring responsibilities, having trouble in relationships, and doing worse at work or in personal life. 

These signs can be different for each person and might not be easy to see right away. Spotting them early and getting help can make treatment work better and increase the chances of recovering successfully.

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

When a person quits or cuts down on drinking after a long time, they might have withdrawal symptoms. This is a natural response as the body adjusts to not having alcohol. Symptoms can be mild or severe, like anxiety, insomnia, nausea, shaking, and sometimes even seizures or delirium tremens (severe confusion). 

It’s important to recognize these symptoms so you can get the right help quickly. Our rehab center is equipped to treat these symptoms medically, offering a safe place for detox.

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The Importance of Alcohol Detox

Alcohol detox is an important first step in recovery. It’s the process of safely getting rid of alcohol from the body, often with medical help. This step is essential as it addresses the body’s need for alcohol, paving the way for successful rehab. 

Detox might be challenging, but it’s necessary to beat addiction. 
Our center offers a detox program with medical supervision to keep you safe and comfortable and to get you ready for the next stages of treatment.

How Long Does It Take To Detox From Alcohol?

How long alcohol detox takes depends on how serious the addiction is, the person’s health, and how long they’ve been drinking. Generally, the detox process lasts from a few days to over a week.

It’s important to remember that detox is just the beginning of the recovery journey. Our rehab center provides ongoing help and treatment after detox to assist with the early recovery challenges and help set the foundation for lasting sobriety.

Getting Help for Alcohol Addiction
In Rehab

Seeking help for alcohol addiction is a courageous and life-changing decision. Our rehab center offers a full range of treatments for both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction.

We create care plans tailored to each person, using different therapies and support mechanisms for the best results. Our experienced team offers guidance every step of the way, giving patients the tools and support they need to get better and take back control of their lives and health.

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Embrace a Brighter Tomorrow With Aftermath

At Aftermath, we believe in the potential for change and renewal. Embracing a brighter tomorrow begins with the decision to seek help. Our alcohol rehab program is designed to empower individuals to overcome addiction and build a fulfilling, sober life. 

Aftermath provides a caring community, expert help, and a supportive place to help you heal and improve. Let us be a part of your journey towards a brighter, healthier future.

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