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Fentanyl, an opioid used for severe pain management, has seen an unparalleled rise among other commonly abused substances. Nowhere is this more evident than in drug-related fatalities, where fentanyl is present in a staggering amount of deaths. This is essentially part of its role as a cheap, supplemental drug for artificially inflating weight on the illicit drug market. 

Substance use disorder already has many consequences, but adding fentanyl into the equation makes treatment even more urgent. If you or someone you love are struggling with substance use disorder, there’s a way forward with Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center.

Our drug treatments in Wakefield, MA, include fentanyl rehab and treatment programs for the most commonly abused substances. Don’t wait another day—reach out to the team at Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center by calling 855-795-1226 or by visiting us online. 

What Is Fentanyl Rehab?

Fentanyl rehab is the removal of fentanyl, both from body and mind, with professional oversight. While it is possible to spend the days to weeks necessary to flush fentanyl out from the body without rehab’s involvement, the true value of rehab lies in its ability to help individuals overcome the psychological difficulties of quitting drug usage.  

Quitting fentanyl requires special care because: 

  • Fentanyl is highly addictive 
  • Fentanyl use causes a person to become physically dependent on the drug 
  • Fentanyl withdrawal can be painful and dangerous 
  • Fentanyl abuse leads to an increased risk of overdose  

At Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center, fentanyl rehab comprises several separate therapy approaches, medical supervisors, and group meetings that all serve the common goal of helping clients uproot their addiction in a personally meaningful and long-lasting way. How each individual chooses to go about this is in their hands, with the support of our staff at every turn. 

Why Choose a Fentanyl Rehab Program?

Choosing a fentanyl rehab program can make a world of difference in your journey to overcome substance use disorder. Some of the benefits of choosing a professionally-led and community-driven rehab program include: 

Health and Safety

It isn’t just hard to stop abusing drugs like fentanyl—it can incur serious health risks when done improperly. Withdrawal symptoms can be unpleasant at best and destructive at worst. If you have that drive to get over substance use disorder, we get that it can be tempting to take matters into your own hands, but the risk of harm is high, and that of relapse is even higher. Our fentanyl rehab program can take that drive and give it wheels. 

Schedule Flexibility

Rehab is considered rigid and inflexible, but this isn’t the case. We offer several treatment programs that can bend to fit your availability. Partial hospitalization programs allow clients to stay full-time, 24/7, while outpatient programs are especially effective for those who must balance work and life responsibilities to recover. 


The community aspect of rehab can’t be overstated. When it feels like you have people counting on you to beat substance use disorder, the motivation alone makes the process easier. This accountability can come from friends, family, or even strangers in the same position as you. 

Long-Lasting Results

Rehab is shown to keep people sober for longer. One of the reasons is that clients can build skills during their time here last a lifetime, meaning that even when rehab ends, they take a piece of it with them. 

Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center’s Fentanyl Rehab in Wakefield, MA

Fentanyl is an ever-growing threat, even to those who think they’re avoiding it. Before it can seriously hurt anyone you know, it’s time to start looking into the advantages of fentanyl rehab. At Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center, we provide highly customizable care to Wakefield, Massachusetts, and its surrounding area. Don’t hesitate to call us at 855-795-1226 or visit us online today. 

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