Men’s Addiction Treatment Program

It can be difficult to admit when you can’t handle a struggle alone. Unfortunately, addiction is one of these challenges that can affect anyone. A 2020 study showed that men (7%) compared to women (4%) had an alcohol use disorder (AUD) diagnosis in the year before. Whereas 17.7% of men have an illicit drug addiction, compared to 13.2% of women with the same.

What these numbers show is that there is a need for a male-specific rehab. Without proper intervention, addiction can keep hurting men’s personal lives and wellness.

Men's Substance Abuse Treatment in Massachusetts

Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center, located in Wakefield, MA, can provide a supportive space for men aiming to recover from drug or alcohol addiction. Our experienced clinical team designs an individualized treatment plan with each client’s needs in mind. Our men’s addiction treatment program addresses distinct obstacles for men in recovery.

The Importance of Gender-Specific Addiction Services

Different factors like risk of relapse and susceptibility can influence the type of care each person needs. Gender can affect aspects such as these. While mixed-gender approaches can be effective, gender-specific ones touch on more nuances.

Some concerns that emphasize the need for gender-specific treatment are:

Comprehensive Men's Addiction Treatment Programs, MA

We empathize with those fighting the challenges of addiction. Our comprehensive men’s addiction treatment program focuses on clients’ physical, emotional, and psychological health. This way, continued sobriety is more attainable.

Our Various Levels of Care

We pride ourselves on customized program structures for addiction and co-occurring disorders. Each one offers different levels of care, but all include highly compassionate treatment.

Our Day Treatment Program, previously called the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), is our highest level of outpatient care. This program includes an intensive and supportive environment, like an inpatient program. However, clients can enjoy their evenings at home with their loving support system. Typically, PHPs ask for up to 25 hours of time commitment weekly.

For those who need a bit more flexibility, our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is ideal. With proven therapies, our IOP requires 9-15 hours for 12-16 weeks. This makes our IOP suitable for those who also have work or family responsibilities.

Additionally, our IOP is a natural next step for those who’ve already undergone a PHP. It ensures continued support to track progress.

A further step down is our Outpatient Program (OP). We tailor each OP to each specific addictive substance, ensuring detail-orientated care. This level of treatment involves holistic support through therapy and guidance. Our OP lets clients who don’t need constant supervision stick to their routines.

Many factors can make in-person sessions difficult to attend. At Aftermath, we offer remote treatment options through telehealth virtual services. These services fall under our virtual day treatment program, virtual IOP, and OP. We do our best to ensure our care is accessible and convenient for those who need it.

Evidence-Based Therapy for Sustained Sobriety

While therapies evolve and we incorporate this where possible, we favor proven methods. Addiction is a slippery slope that requires holistic treatment. Our approach blends therapeutic modalities to help each client’s unique circumstances.

Individual Therapy:

Also, we use rational emotive behavioral therapy, therapeutic family reintegration, and motivational interviewing. For deeper growth, we also equip individuals with life-building skills.

Group Therapy:

Growing together in small groups can be a major sense of relief. When healing with other men with similar struggles, individuals can feel understood. This can include:

Additionally, we address stages of change and barriers, interpersonal skills, and family relationships. We encourage gratitude and teach neuroscience psychoeducation and HIV/STD education.

Case Management:

Even after treatment, many men could use a helping hand. We help you acclimatize to life after treatment in many ways, such as:

We also offer referrals to outside medical providers and federal/state-funded benefits applications.

Take the Next Steps With Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center

There’s no shame in needing a little help. With Aftermath, your addiction treatment will factor in gender-specific concerns and your preferences. Our staff of multi-disciplinary experts can offer compassionate treatment based on your needs.

Feel ready to take the leap? Get in touch with us at 855-795-1226 or visit our website. Our men’s addiction treatment can be the foundation for your healthier future.



What causes male addiction?

Men’s addiction is multi-faceted. It can stem from genetics, environmental factors, trauma, or mental health challenges. This is why finding the root cause through therapy is essential to recovery.


What are the 5 recovery skills?

Recovery comes with much learning. The top five skills are self-awareness, self-regulation, interpersonal skills, distress tolerance, and mindfulness. With these, long-lasting sobriety is much more achievable.


What addiction does to the brain?

Substance abuse can hijack the brain’s reward system. This means natural dopamine sources, like exercise, are less effective at creating pleasure. Addiction can also cloud memory, damage self-control, and impair decision-making.