Intensive Outpatient Program


Intensive Outpatient Program

At Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center, located in Wakefield, Massachusetts, we understand that addiction does not just affect the life of the person who has a substance use disorder.  The disease of addiction not only afflicts the substance abuser, but the whole family.  When a person is struggling with substance abuse, it becomes difficult for them to be present for those closest to them.  Family, work and social obligations fall away as the substance abuser struggles to balance their addiction with their personal and professional life.  The addicted person will want to be there for those around him but while in the grips of the disease they find the things that were once important to them becoming secondary to their drug of choice.  In fact, in a twist of irony, the desire for those with a substance use disorder to be present and available for friends and family is what can keep them from committing to a stay at a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center.  The desire to be there for their loved ones only keeps them in the grips of addiction longer than they need to be.  It is for that reason we offer the Intensive Outpatient (IOP) at Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center of Massachusetts.  Aftermath’s Intensive Outpatient Program supplies the continuation of treatment for drugs and alcohol, while allowing our clients to get back to work and live at home.  The intensive outpatient program (IOP) at our facility in Wakefield, Massachusetts, provides the structure and flexibility for those who struggle to maintain their sobriety to get the treatment they need for their substance abuse, while being able to meet their social obligations.

What is an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)?

An Intensive Outpatient Program is traditionally the next step following a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP).  It can act as a sort of “step-down” in the level of care as a client progresses with their drug or alcohol rehabilitation treatment.  In such an instance a client would begin with a PHP than move on to the IOP and continue on an outpatient basis with an outpatient program.  Intensive outpatient programs are also ideal for those who cannot make the long-term commitment to this process or an inpatient residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment program.  The team at Aftermath knows that oftentimes it can be difficult to take time off from work, and many people have financial obligations where they cannot afford to commit to a long-term inpatient program for substance abuse.  The intensive outpatient program at Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center is ideal for adjusting as you get back to your day-to-day life.  The IOP Program at our Wakefield, Massachusetts location could be an ideal fit for those who seek sobriety to build upon their recovery while still providing the flexibility to allow you to take care of what you need to.

What are the Benefits to an IOP Program?

There are several reasons why an IOP Program could be beneficial:
  • While a PHP program in Massachusetts consists of 25 hours per week, an IOP program in Massachusetts can be as little as 9 hours per week or as many as 15 hours each week.
  • You can still work, go to school, meet family obligations and maintain social relationships while still receiving the compassion, structure and stability you need in early recovery.
  • While allowing for a work-life balance, you still receive the care you need for your substance use disorder, as Aftermath’s IOP Program ranges between 12 to 16 weeks.
  • Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center’s IOP Program provides you with recovery resources such as: support groups to build upon your recovery, aftercare planning and case management services.

The Intensive Outpatient Program at Aftermath’s Drug Rehab in Wakefield, Massachusetts

At Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center, we focus on doing our part to help put you in a position to succeed in your recovery. Our innovative approach will lead to better treatment outcomes, at Aftermath we focus on creating a relaxed and supportive yet intensive treatment program.  The longer you stay committed to your treatment plan the better the results you will receive for your recovery.  It is supplemented with many programming options, but the primary focus is to treat the underlying issues through your individual treatment plan, group therapy and individual sessions with your therapist we do our part to help put you in a position to succeed in achieving recovery. You can attain this goal through a combination of therapy, family intervention groups, as well as community intervention groups. You, your therapist, and our clinical treatment staff are the key parts of your recovery.  For those who need to be at home, Aftermath now offers a virtual offering of their IOP Program as well.  Some of the features of Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center’s IOP Program are:

Start Your Recovery Today

Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center is proud to serve as a trustworthy IOP Program in Wakefield, MA. We look forward to meeting new people who are ready to change their lives for the better and take their first steps to overcoming their addiction. If you are ready to overcome a chemical dependence to alcohol or drugs, our facility can offer programs that help you successfully recover. You may consider our intensive outpatient program in Wakefield if you know you need a more supportive environment that keeps you accountable and provides a high level of treatment daily.

If you can’t enter an inpatient facility full-time, our IOP Program in Massachusetts gives you the support you need with the flexibility to meet the demands of family and work.  Contact us today at 781.587.3636 to begin your journey to recovery today or if you have any questions about our intensive outpatient program in Wakefield, MA.