3 Types of Drug Abuse to Look Out For

Man struggling with three types of drug abuse puts head in hands as health professional comforts him

Types of drug abuse can be seen across many different socioeconomic and age groups. Millions of people are struggling with addiction, and the numbers are rising yearly. Substance use disorder creates devastating effects on a person and their loved ones. Seeking compassionate drug treatment in Wakefield, MA, can help. Our Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center team […]

4 Symptoms of Meth Abuse

Man rests head on hands as he sits on bed in dark, wondering about symptoms of meth abuse

Methamphetamine, commonly known as meth, is a potent stimulant. The misuse of meth has escalated into a public health crisis due to its devastating effects on individuals and communities. Meth devastates a person’s physical, mental, and emotional health. However, a treatment program can help. If you have been looking for meth abuse treatment in Wakefield, […]

Getting the Right Benzo Help in Wakefield, MA

Benzo Help in Wakefield

Benzodiazepines, often referred to as “benzos,” are prescription medications used to treat a range of medical conditions. Despite how useful these drugs can be, benzo addiction has emerged as a significant health concern in Massachusetts and the rest of the United States. While generally safe when prescribed for short-term use, long-term use can lead to […]

3 Benefits of IOP

Man stands up and gesticulates with his hands as he discusses the benefits of IOP

In an intensive outpatient program (IOP), you will have an experienced and compassionate team to care for you. It provides a structured treatment plan to allow you to continue focusing on living your everyday life at home, school, and work. At the same time, you can focus on healing and recovering from addiction. Want to […]

3 Celebrities Who Got Help For Alcohol Addiction

Celebrity gets photographed while needing help for alcohol addiction

It can be a challenge to accept that you have a drinking problem and decide to get the help for alcohol addiction you need and deserve to receive. Many of the actors, athletes, and musicians you admire also took this vital step and found alcohol addiction help; It may be time to search for alcohol […]

Finding a Men’s Addiction Treatment Center in Wakefield, MA

Doctor talks to crying patient in a mens addiction treatment center in Wakefield, MA

Anyone can be touched by the long arm of drug and alcohol addiction, whether you live in nearby Boston or right here in Wakefield, Massachusetts. How men typically experience addiction, however, is unique. Finding a men’s addiction treatment center to rehab, heal, and recover can make all the difference to achieving your goals of living […]

Why a Heroin Abuse Treatment Program Could be Right For You

Doctor sits down next to patient as they talk about heroin abuse treatment programs

Heroin addiction can cause severe health problems, both emotionally and physically. To safely overcome heroin abuse, an heroin abuse treatment program is ideal. Most programs are supervised by compassionate professionals who know the road to recovery. If you or a family member is struggling to overcome a heroin addiction and are searching the web for […]