How Do Anxiety and Alcohol Abuse Go Hand in Hand

Man sits on ground as he struggles with both anxiety and alcohol abuse

In the ever-evolving society of America, alcohol has become an inextricable part of culture. From casual drinking at social gatherings to everyday meals, alcohol is often used to relax and socialize. However, when the consumption of alcohol shifts from occasional use to dependence and addiction, it evolves into alcohol abuse. The culture of drinking has […]

3 Celebrities Who Got Help For Alcohol Addiction

Celebrity gets photographed while needing help for alcohol addiction

It can be a challenge to accept that you have a drinking problem and decide to get the help for alcohol addiction you need and deserve to receive. Many of the actors, athletes, and musicians you admire also took this vital step and found alcohol addiction help; It may be time to search for alcohol […]

4 Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse

Man rests head on hands, feeling symptoms of alcohol abuse

Problematic drinking is not always as clear to see as it is portrayed in films and on television Learning more about alcohol use, identifying the symptoms of alcohol abuse, and how to effectively search for and find an alcohol abuse treatment near you can help. Reach out to our compassionate, experienced team at Aftermath Addiction […]

4 Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Man with head in hands, struggling with alcohol abuse

Alcohol abuse is one of America’s most common forms of substance abuse. More than 18 million adults suffer from alcohol use disorder (AUD). There are many signs that can indicate a person has an AUD, but it’s important to be aware of the four most common ones. Knowing these signs can help you recognize if […]