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Man struggling with three types of drug abuse puts head in hands as health professional comforts him

3 Types of Drug Abuse to Look Out For

Types of drug abuse can be seen across many different socioeconomic and age groups. Millions of people are struggling with addiction, and the numbers are rising yearly. Substance use disorder

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Man puts head in hands after discovering signs of cocaine use in men

Signs of Cocaine Use in Men

Addiction can happen to anyone. However, men are statistically more prone to alcohol and substance abuse than their female counterparts. Given that people go through life with challenges and experiences

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Man rests head on hands as he sits on bed in dark, wondering about symptoms of meth abuse

4 Symptoms of Meth Abuse

Methamphetamine, commonly known as meth, is a potent stimulant. The misuse of meth has escalated into a public health crisis due to its devastating effects on individuals and communities. Meth

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Woman on couch smiles as she learns the differences between IOP vs PHP

IOP vs. PHP: What Is The Difference?

Addiction is a complex and chronic disease that affects millions of Americans. It can lead to compulsive substance use despite the harmful consequences. However, treatment can help and is effective

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Man stands up and gesticulates with his hands as he discusses the benefits of IOP

3 Benefits of IOP

In an intensive outpatient program (IOP), you will have an experienced and compassionate team to care for you. It provides a structured treatment plan to allow you to continue focusing

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People in a PHP talk about what a PHP stands for

What Does PHP Stand For and What Is It?

What does PHP stand for? It stands for partial hospitalization programs, which provide a range of treatment services in an outpatient setting. Partial hospitalization programs are designed to provide intense,

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