Treatment For Cocaine Abuse in Wakefield, MA

Woman tells peers about her cocaine use during treatment for cocaine abuse

Wakefield, Massachusetts, is a beautiful town located 10 miles north of Boston and is conveniently accessible by commuter rail. Despite its strong community and quality school system, Wakefield is plagued by rising drug overdose rates. The state of Massachusetts as a whole has a higher-than-average rate of deaths due to drug overdose, which is cause for concern. 1 To prevent such tragedies from occurring, Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center offers quality cocaine addiction treatment in Wakefield

The caring and compassionate staff at Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center fully understand the challenges of recovering from addiction. However, we also believe that it is possible to achieve lifelong sobriety through the proper interventions. Our partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient programs are designed to give the proper support at each stage of the recovery journey. If you want effective, judgment-free addiction treatment, contact us at 855-795-1226 today. 

What Are the Effects of Cocaine Abuse? 

Cocaine is an addictive stimulant that heightens alertness, attention, and energy. It triggers the release of dopamine into the brain’s pleasure center, resulting in feelings of euphoria. However, the effects of cocaine can wane in as short as 30 minutes, encouraging the user to immediately take another dose to continue feeling the positive effects. Due to this, it is very easy to develop an addiction to cocaine. 

The prolonged abuse of cocaine can lead to serious adverse effects on a person’s brain and body. A few of the long-term effects of cocaine abuse are: 

  • Extreme weight loss and malnutrition 
  • Loss of olfactory function and lung damage 
  • Headaches, convulsions, or seizures 
  • Movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease 
  • Irregular heartbeat, heart disease, heart attack, or stroke 
  • Mood swings, severe paranoia, or hallucinations 
  • Increased risk of overdose 

Stopping cocaine abuse can result in unpleasant withdrawal symptoms combined with an intense craving for the drug. When attempting to detox from cocaine, it is always best to seek the help of experienced medical professionals. 

What Happens During Treatment for Cocaine Abuse? 

The first step of cocaine abuse treatment is detox. Withdrawal symptoms can set in as quickly as 90 minutes from the last dose and usually persists for around a week, depending on the severity of the addiction. With the risk of relapse and accidental overdose, it is best to undertake cocaine detox under the supervision of addiction specialists. 

Once the cocaine is out of the patient’s system, it doesn’t mean they are cured of their addiction. Detox is merely the first step in the process. After detox, the patient can now work on their recovery. Therapy is the next step in the addiction treatment program. 

Addiction is not just a physical disease but a mental one as well. Through therapy, the patient can identify and address the root causes of their addiction and learn strategies to deal with stressors to avoid relapse. In the treatment of cocaine abuse, the most common methods of therapy are: 

  • CBT, or cognitive behavioral therapy, is the most effective approach for the treatment of substance abuse disorder. This therapy helps the patient to recognize negative thoughts or feelings and to learn healthier strategies for dealing with them rather than resorting to destructive behavior like abusing substances. 
  • Group therapy provides a supportive, safe, and judgment-free environment of peers in which patients can discuss their challenges and learn from others. 

The success of cocaine abuse treatment is hinged on the patient’s openness and willingness to work on their issues through therapy. When the root causes that contribute to their addiction have been addressed, then they can achieve holistic and genuine recovery. 

Get Treatment for Cocaine Abuse in Wakefield, MA, From Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center 

Recovering from cocaine abuse can be difficult, but with the support of loved ones and experienced addiction specialists, it can be done. Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center’s accessible facility on North Avenue, Wakefield, MA, offers a safe, judgment-free environment for patients to work on their recovery. Contact us at 855-795-1226 today to learn more about our programs. 

  1. – Massachusetts opioid-related overdose deaths rose 2.5 percent in 2022