Can AvertD Identify the Risk for Opioid Addiction?

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While AvertD opens up new possibilities in understanding addiction risks, it also raises valid concerns that warrant further scrutiny from both regulatory bodies and healthcare experts alike. Click here to learn more about this innovative approach that has sparked both interest and controversy within the medical community and beyond.

What we know about Bromazolam

Man in hoodie leans against wall as he wonders what meth addiction looks like

Today, we’re delving into a substance in the ever-evolving landscape of designer drugs – Bromazolam.  This drug is being sold under street names such as “XLI-268,” “Xanax,” “Fake Xanax,” and “Dope.” This potent compound has been making waves in certain circles, raising concerns among health experts and law enforcement agencies alike. Join us as we […]

Signs of Cocaine Use in Men

Man puts head in hands after discovering signs of cocaine use in men

Addiction can happen to anyone. However, men are statistically more prone to alcohol and substance abuse than their female counterparts. Given that people go through life with challenges and experiences unique to their sex and gender, gender-specific treatment can be most effective in addressing addiction. This is why Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center offers men’s addiction […]

Warning Signs of Heroin Abuse to be Aware of

Person sits in the dark on couch as he ponders the warning signs of heroin abuse

Heroin, an illegal opioid, traces its roots back to medicinal uses in the 19th and early 20th centuries. However, it is now a far cry from its origins as a potential remedy, serving instead as a destructive force within American society. The opioid epidemic, of which heroin is a substantial part, is responsible for over […]

How Do Anxiety and Alcohol Abuse Go Hand in Hand

Man sits on ground as he struggles with both anxiety and alcohol abuse

In the ever-evolving society of America, alcohol has become an inextricable part of culture. From casual drinking at social gatherings to everyday meals, alcohol is often used to relax and socialize. However, when the consumption of alcohol shifts from occasional use to dependence and addiction, it evolves into alcohol abuse. The culture of drinking has […]

3 Celebrities Who Got Help For Alcohol Addiction

Celebrity gets photographed while needing help for alcohol addiction

It can be a challenge to accept that you have a drinking problem and decide to get the help for alcohol addiction you need and deserve to receive. Many of the actors, athletes, and musicians you admire also took this vital step and found alcohol addiction help; It may be time to search for alcohol […]

Finding a Women’s Addiction Treatment Center in Wakefield, MA

Women gather in group therapy at a womens addiction treatment in Wakefield, MA

Women are every bit as likely as men to become addicted to drugs and alcohol. That being said, women will typically experience addiction in their own way. Not only do women use drugs differently, but they also have a unique set of responses to the substances, from alcohol to opioids. Women’s addiction treatment can be […]

Where to Find Help For Meth Addiction

Woman with bruises looks pensive as she tries to find help for meth addiction

Methamphetamine is a powerful, dangerous, habit-forming drug that quickly hooks users. Meth addiction can begin instantly. With each subsequent hit, key receptors in the brain are damaged. This makes it nearly impossible to feel new pleasures without taking even more of the drug. It’s a devastating and vicious drug, but meth addiction help is available. […]