Finding a Men’s Addiction Treatment Center in Wakefield, MA

Doctor talks to crying patient in a mens addiction treatment center in Wakefield, MA

Anyone can be touched by the long arm of drug and alcohol addiction, whether you live in nearby Boston or right here in Wakefield, Massachusetts. How men typically experience addiction, however, is unique. Finding a men’s addiction treatment center to rehab, heal, and recover can make all the difference to achieving your goals of living a clean and sober life. As you search for men’s addiction treatment near you, reach out to the friendly, compassionate team at Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center at 781.587.3636 today. 

Does Gender Impact Addiction Recovery?

Generally speaking, men tend to use drugs differently than women. Men will also experience unique responses to substances and alcohol and deserve to be cared for by a supportive team in a men’s addiction treatment center. Searching for “men’s addiction treatment near me?” Whether you live inside or outside of the I-95 loop around Boston, our team is standing by in Wakefield, M. We have a comfortable, safe center overlooking Quannapowitt Lake, ready and able to help you overcome your addiction. 

When it comes to gender, there are some critical differences regarding substance use disorders:

  • Men may be more likely to experience cravings and relapse than women, which can make them feel ashamed and cause them to avoid seeking help.
  • Men’s brains may be wired differently than women when it comes to substance use and recovery.
  • Men are more likely to abuse alcohol or drugs as a way of managing stress, anxiety, and other difficult emotions.
  • Men may be more competitive and take greater risks when it comes to substance use.
  • Men may be more likely to deny their substance abuse problem and avoid seeking help until they are in crisis.
  • Men have increased levels of enzymes that break down alcohol in the stomach. As a result of this genetic difference, men will not be absorbing as much alcohol into their bloodstream, resulting in a lower blood alcohol concentration level.

A men’s addiction treatment center will be aware of these differences in how you need to be cared for, treated, and supported during your recovery journey. This information is crucial to your care. It is used to create a customized plan of treatment for you, your personality, needs, and goals. We’re located right off I-95 in Wakefield in Middlesex County, a county that has had the most opioid-related deaths out of any in the Commonwealth since the start of the 21st century.

Our men’s addiction treatment center in Wakefield, MA is best suited to reverse the emotional, physical, and psychological damage caused by opioids and other substances and to oversee a successful and lifelong recovery.

Finding a Men’s Addiction Treatment Center in Wakefield, MA

The rates of drug and alcohol dependence, the choice of substances being used and abused, and how different brains respond to drug abuse vary from person to person. In addition, men may have their own reasons for starting to use drugs and unique triggers for continuing to return to the substances in times of stress. In fact, men are more likely to suffer a relapse. Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center in Wakefield, MA offers you a comfortable environment in which you can safely work through your addiction and begin recovering in a safe, supportive space. Some of the benefits of getting the help you need and deserve in a men’s addiction treatment center include:


While being cared for in our Wakefield, MA office, you’ll develop a healthy support network. By bonding with others who can relate to your experiences, struggles, and hopes for the future, you will be surrounded by others who know your journey and understand the path you are walking today. Being around other guys who have the capacity to relate to you can make a huge difference in how you feel about addiction treatment and allow you to be vulnerable and express a sense of shame over the damage your addiction has caused. Your peers in group therapy may be able to provide much-needed support by sharing their own stories of addiction and offering advice on how to heal those relationships as a partner, brother, son, and father.


  • Welcoming
  • Safe
  • Comfortable
  • Discrete

Our men’s addiction treatment center just north of the ballfields and farmer’s market off of North Ave, along the lake in Wakefield, provides the utmost in comfort, offering you an environment that is:

Being comfortable during your addiction treatment will encourage you to be open and honest with yourself, your therapist, and the other men who are also focused on the goal of lifetime recovery. When you’re comfortable in a way that you maybe cannot be in regular life, the healing process, addiction treatment, and recovery have a chance to be more effective.

Learn More at Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center

If you are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, and don’t know where to turn, learn how getting help from a men’s addiction treatment center can be the first step in rebuilding your life. Don’t hesitate to contact us using our secure online form or call us at 781.587.3636 today.

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