What Is Benzo Abuse

Man sits in the dark as he ponders benzo abuse

Benzos like Valium and Xanax are some of America’s most commonly prescribed drugs. Some medications have been shown to be effective in treating anxiety, panic attacks, and seizure disorders. However, even when used exactly as prescribed by your doctor, benzos can become highly addictive. They can quickly lead to benzo abuse. If you or someone in your life is struggling with an addiction to prescription medications, contact the skilled, compassionate team at Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center. Reach out online or call 781.587.3636. today to learn how our benzo abuse treatment in Wakefield, MA can help.

What Are Benzos and What Do They Do?

Benzos, short for benzodiazepines, are prescription drugs that slow down activity in your central nervous system. These drugs are designed, and ideally only used, to treat a variety of mental health conditions. They produce the sensation of relaxation, sedation, and relief. Benzos can effectively reduce the symptoms of:

  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Muscle spasms
  • Seizure disorders
  • Withdrawal during an alcohol detox

The use of benzos and, sadly, benzo abuse is now rampant across the United States.

The five most commonly prescribed benzos are:

  • Alprazolam (brand name Xanax)
  • Lorazepam (Ativan)
  • Clonazepam (Klonopin)
  • Diazepam (Valium)
  • Temazepam (Restoril)

If you or someone in your life is struggling with an addiction to any of these drugs, reach out for benzo abuse treatment in Wakefield, MA.

What Is Benzo Abuse?

Benzo abuse is the excessive use of benzos for purposes other than what was prescribed. This can include taking more than the recommended dose, taking benzos not prescribed to you, or continuing to use them after they are no longer needed. Benzo abuse can also be intentional or unintentional. People may begin to abuse benzos in order to reduce stress, increase their energy levels, or even just experience the effects of being high.

When a person abuses benzos, they can quickly become dependent on them. This can lead to an addiction and severe withdrawal symptoms when the benzos are reduced or stopped.

Common signs of benzo abuse you can spot in a family member or friend include:

  • Muscle weakness and pain
  • A loss of coordination
  • Drowsiness or loss of consciousness
  • Pale skin and bluish lips and fingernails
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Severely altered mental state

If you recognize any of these symptoms of benzo abuse, reach out to our friendly and supportive team. Many people on our staff have personal experience in addiction ourselves. We can help you understand the value of benzo abuse treatment and teach you how to live without a dependency on drugs. 

What Happens During Benzo Abuse Treatment?

You may need to go through a medical detox. We can monitor you to keep you safe and comfortable through the withdrawal process. Then your benzo abuse treatment can begin, either in a partial hospitalization program or intensive outpatient program.

During benzo abuse treatment, you will learn about the physical and psychological components of drug addiction. You will learn critical life skills for coping with benzo cravings. Patiets will be equipped with healthy ways to soothe yourself in stressful situations and relax your mind and body without harmful substances. Additionally, benzo abuse treatment will include lessons on the important role nutrition plays in recovering from benzo abuse. Slowly, you will begin to rebuild your life in recovery. 

Learn More About Benzo Abuse at Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center

If you or someone you love is suffering from benzo abuse and you are ready to take back control of your life, don’t hesitate to contact us using our secure online form or call us at 781.587.3636 today. Reach out for benzo abuse treatment in Wakefield, MA, and start your journey to recovery today. Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center can help.