Partial Hospitalization Program


What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

When treating an individual that has an active substance use disorder, there are various levels of care for the person that is addicted to drugs or alcohol.  The highest levels of care in Massachusetts that treat addiction are traditionally hospital or medically supervised inpatient programs such as a medically supervised detoxification facility, also known as a detox (as well as known as an Acute Treatment Services).  This is typically a short-term setting under the care of medical staff to assist with the drug or alcohol withdrawal process.  This process can last anywhere from 5-10 days depending on the amount of drugs or alcohol that the person has consumed.  Then there are the residential addiction treatment programs such as clinical stabilization services or inpatient treatment programs.  These are typically addiction treatment provided in the state of Massachusetts.  Then there are the full-time outpatient services, such as Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center’s Partial Hospitalization Program.  The Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) offered at Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center, a drug and alcohol rehab, located in Wakefield, Massachusetts, extends not only to you as an individual that needs help with substance abuse, but to your family and loved ones as well. We understand that you have challenges in your daily life, and your family and friends form an essential network of support that can help you get through drug and alcohol detox and the early days of addiction recovery successfully. Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center, strives not only to help with substance abuse and the underlying causes but with personal obstacles like self-sabotaging behavior, motivation, and confidence.  Once a person has gone through a medically assisted detox facility for their substance abuse issues, Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center’s Partial Hospitalization Program is ideal.  This highly structured addiction recovery environment allows for the continued care for an individual that suffers from substance abuse.  Our PHP Program, allows you to continue your drug and alcohol addiction treatment from home as you begin to get back to your everyday life.  If you have a substance abuse problem and are struggling with the disease of addiction, the team at Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center will be able to help.

Is a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) Right for You?

If you have struggled with substance abuse disorder or have found yourself requiring more structure and help with coping skills against addiction to drugs and alcohol, then Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center’s Partial Hospitalization Program in Massachusetts might be right for you.  The team at Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center brings a level of dedication, understanding, and compassion that you will not find anywhere else.  Each member of the team has personal experience with the disease of addiction. At Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center, we aim to help each and every client who walks through our doors find recovery from addiction.  If you are ready to overcome a dependence to alcohol or drugs, our facility can offer a PHP Program that can help you successfully recover from the bonds of addiction.  If you can’t enter an addiction treatment inpatient facility full-time, our partial hospitalization program gives you the support you need with the flexibility to meet the demands of family and work.  Don’t allow your addiction to limit your success in life or interfere with your relationships. Enrolling in a high-quality drug rehabilitation program will enable you to address the underlying causes of your substance abuse issues, in a supportive and encouraging matter combined with different modalities of therapy and evidence-based treatment.

The Benefits of a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

There are many benefits to continuing treatment for substance abuse. There have been several studies (ref1) that have shown that the longer the length of time in treatment for addiction tends to result in longer periods of sobriety.  Some people cannot commit to a long-term inpatient rehabilitation treatment facility due to obligations to family and careers.  It is for this reason that a PHP would be an ideal treatment option.  The following are some of the benefits of a partial hospitalization program (PHP):

  • A PHP allows the flexibility return to family, work and other aspects of life while still getting the supportive structure a person needs in early recovery from addiction.
  • Cost.  The cost of a partial hospitalization program is less than a residential or inpatient program in MA would be.
  • It allows for a transition after completing a drug and alcohol detox that will help to stabilize and provide structure that is crucial in the recovery process.

Why Choose Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center’s Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)?

Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center is proud to serve as a trustworthy PHP in Wakefield, Massachusetts. We look forward to meeting new people who are ready to change their lives for the better and take their first steps to overcoming their addiction to drugs and alcohol.  You may consider our partial hospitalization program if you know you need a more supportive environment that keeps you accountable and provides a high level of treatment for addiction daily.  We can help you develop healthy coping skills to deal with cravings in early recovery so that you can get back to your da-to-day life.  Our highest level of care here at Aftermath, is our Partial Hospitalization Program. Our PHP treatment program is recommended to start. This level of addiction treatment includes individual and group therapy Monday – Friday totaling 25 hours of addiction treatment per week. The compassionate professionals at Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center understand that some individuals need more flexibility in their addiction treatment plan. We provide a variety of holistic and traditional addiction treatment programs because we want to meet the needs of every client, whether you are recovering from alcoholism, heroin abuse, or dependence on any other substance.  As with all our programs at Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center we have many services offered in our partial hospitalization program at our facility.  Some of the services that Aftermath’s partial hospitalization program (PHP) offers are:

Our staff at Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center in MA, hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards to ensure successful recovery from addiction is achieved. At Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center of Wakefield, MA, we also believe that it is imperative to include the client’s thoughts, opinions, and experiences in their addiction treatment planning.  Each client’s substance abuse treatment plan is uniquely individualized to meet the individuals addiction recovery goals.  They say that “Addiction is a disease of isolation”.  If that is the case, then connection is the path to recovery. 

Together we will rise.   Contact us today at 781.587.3636 to learn more about Aftermath’s partial hospitalization program in Massachusetts.


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