How Long Does Partial Hospitalization Last?

Woman sits on couch, looking out window, and ponders how long PHP lasts

When someone thinks about addiction treatment, they usually envision going away for a prolonged period. Often, they imagine going to a secluded rehab facility. Not everyone has the time or the capability to drop everything for treatment. Thankfully, many different levels of treatment can suit each person’s needs and responsibilities. If you think enrolling in […]

IOP vs. PHP: What Is The Difference?

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Addiction is a complex and chronic disease that affects millions of Americans. It can lead to compulsive substance use despite the harmful consequences. However, treatment can help and is effective for many substance use disorders. The type of treatment depends on a person’s unique circumstances, and there are different levels of care for different needs. […]

What Does PHP Stand For and What Is It?

People in a PHP talk about what a PHP stands for

What does PHP stand for? It stands for partial hospitalization programs, which provide a range of treatment services in an outpatient setting. Partial hospitalization programs are designed to provide intense, comprehensive therapy and other support services for individuals who require a level of care that is higher than that offered in an outpatient setting but […]

What Is PHP?

Patient lies in hospital bed in a PHP

A partial hospitalization program, also called a PHP, provides care for people struggling with addiction. But what is a PHP? It is a compassionate, intensive daytime treatment where you can focus on your recovery. A PHP can help you learn life skills and coping mechanisms. As you search for a “partial hospitalization program near me,” […]